Native English Communication

Based in The Hague, Baxter Lawley Communications takes pride in delivering high-quality English-language content to clients throughout the Netherlands and beyond. We apply our energy, experience and dedication to helping organisations to communicate compellingly through a three-step process:

Think. Before starting any project, we gather input, learn about the subject matter, and plan our strategy based on our clients’ goals and requirements. We’ll aim to structure the message so that it’s clear, logical, concise and attractive.

Write. We’ll find the right tone of voice to speak directly to your audience one-to-one, wherever they are and whoever they are.

Check. All our deliverables are thoroughly checked for consistency and quality. When necessary, we’ll refine and polish content to maximise effectiveness.

By doing this, we’ll ensure:

  • Your message is told persuasively, powerfully and authentically
  • It’s structured in a clear and logical way
  • We employ the right tone of voice for your audience
  • We use your chosen medium to its full potential.

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