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Corporate report writing

Sustainability, transparency, cultural sensibility – a company’s reputation today depends on more than its financial success. Expressing consistent respect for all the company’s stakeholders in the right tone of voice can make a big contribution to building trust.

How can we help?

We provide support to corporate communications teams with copy that structures and explains your position clearly and persuasively. We’re experts in presenting ‘complex’ or ‘difficult’ material in a way that doesn’t oversimplify but that’s still pleasant and easy to read.

Typical projects

Over the years, we have helped produce a wide range of corporate reports, including annual and interim reports, sustainability reports, market commentaries and research briefs, and integrated reports.

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“I need to know that my content provider not only delivers excellent storytelling, but that they have the right level of financial and technical literacy. With Narrative Labs, this is never in any doubt.”

— WILLIAM HARRAGIN, Senior Acquisition Manager, Hutchinson Property Group

“Narrative Labs does a lot more than just provide my team with ‘good content’. By leveraging their cross-sector experience, they are able to operate on a strategic level, provide crucial insights, and advise us on the ‘big picture’ of communications.”

— INGE MASSEN, Global Director Communications and External Affairs, DSM

“The Narrative Labs team provides me and my colleagues with insightful, fast and high-quality execution support and counsel across a whole range of content and communications. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

— MIKE LIGHTFOOT, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, LeasePlan
“Over the years, the Narrative Labs team has been a pillar of support to Teijin Aramid. They always deliver our English-language content in a quick and efficient manner.”
– LILIAN MICHAELSSON, Senior Marketing Communications Officer, Teijin Aramid