Our first step is to understand our clients’ existing annual or ESG reporting output. Drawing on our knowledge of the wider reporting and sustainability landscape, we analyse the structure and messaging of your report and review your objectives, KPIs and approach to materiality and value creation. We can also advise on compliance with the CSRD, GRI standards and other relevant frameworks and legislation


Next, we typically organise and lead a workshop with the client’s reporting team and other key stakeholders to discuss our findings and align on the next steps of the process. We can either deliver the workshop online or in person, depending on proximity.

Structure and concept

Building on the above, we suggest improvements to your report to help tell your story more effectively and better meet the expectations of your stakeholders. At this point, we can provide a list of recommendations and a draft outline of your annual or ESG report.

Editorial planning and project management

Ensuring a smooth reporting process requires careful planning and coordination between all parties involved. While many clients prefer to plan and project-manage the process themselves, we’re also happy to provide this service.


Whether you prefer written submissions, face-to-face or online stakeholder interviews, or a combination of both, we will work with you to gather all the information we need and agree the tone and message of your report. Our experienced team members know how to ask the right questions to ensure we paint the big picture as well as highlighting the key details.

Writing, editing and proofreading

We assign a dedicated lead writer from our team to each project. They are responsible for writing the report based on all the information gathered from our research, interviews and data collection. We aim to strike a fine balance between managing the strategic and technical elements of reporting and delivering impactful, human-led storytelling. All content is reviewed, edited and proofread internally to ensure a flawless final product.

Design and data visualisation

Our in-house creative team works hand in hand with our writers and editors to bring your brand and story to life through compelling charts, graphs, images and other visuals. This close collaboration ensures a consistent tone across text and visuals as well as a fast, seamless and joined-up reporting process.

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